Who we are

Creating the Metaverse

We are a team of forward thinking creative technologists, designers and music lovers that combine to create memorable experiences for the music industry. Working with the latest cutting edge technology from the game, film and music industries it is our mission to help like minded brands enter the Metaverse and create relevant content and experiences.

With a range of proprietary software and connections we can ensure that your journey into the Metaverse is relevant and on brand.

Showcase Options

Bauman was designed to accommodate all creative people, especially so for those deserving of stunning portfolios to showcase their work.

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Our Team Members

We are a collaborative studio with complementary profiles

We combine design, technology and business strategy into a unified discipline powerful enough to propel the music industry forward.

What we do

We build beautiful, affordably-priced Portfolio WordPress Themes designed to make your works stand out online. Our design philosophy hinges on simplicity. We focus on clean lines, bold typhography and white space to create an aesthetic that’s both modern and timeless. We aim to elevate your content, not outshine it.

Why WordPress?

We love WordPress. As designers and developers, we think it’s a dream platform, versatile, powerful and incredibly intuitive. We also believe that WordPress is changing the world, and we’re proud to be part of that community.

Our Clients

We create memorable moments for brands and fans across the metaverse

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