At the end of 2021 we took a moment to look at the shape of the industry, where it was heading and what was coming next. After an exciting year of collaborating and touring with some of the worlds biggest artists we decided we wanted to use our technology to create a virtual platform of our own that could become a tool that would be of use to artists and fans of all sizes.

After a round of informal discussions with artists, label owners and festival promoters we jumped straight into development of PRZM – a future facing platform that will enable artists to create their own virtual studio, perform to fans and most importantly create new streams of revenue in an industry that is becoming increasingly harder to break through.

For the artists we enable them to choose between a live studio setup or live performance stage with access to virtual replicas of the latest industry standard equipment. We make the experience exciting by incorporating gamification into the process and allowing them to build bigger and better studios and performances as they build on their progress.

For fans wishing to join the performances along with their friends in realtime we have made it super simple to invite your friends via a QR code or simple weblink which will trasnport you and your friends into the same performance instantly. With voice activation already incorportated you will be able to chat with your friends and party as if you were all in the same room.

As opposed to other apps we chose not to subject our users to having to settle for cartoonish avatars by creating our own bespoke face scan to body mesh app. By simply taking a few seconds to scan your face using your mobile phone the user then imports their photorealistic avatar into our app at the click of a button ready to perform or hang out with other realistic looking friends.

Watch this space for more info coming soon or follow us over on our socials for upto the minute progress.